The purpose of Makfed is to contribute towards the Turkish machinery manufacturing sector advancing and developing together with the other sub-supplier sectors, to play an effective role in the formation of all sectoral policies and applications related with the machinery industry, as well as in the sector’s becoming stronger in global competition by developing together with the sub-supplier industry, and, by bringing together the sectoral organizations within its body with a broad-based and democratic participation, with an attitude that is open to solidarity and cooperation and with a methodical manner aiming at sectoral integration:

  • To develop professional alliance, assistance, social solidarity, harmony and discipline among the Member Associations and their members,
  • To protect the rights and interests of the Member Associations and their professional members by giving consideration to service criteria for human health and public benefit within the framework envisaged under the laws,
  • To develop vocational competence and awareness levels.

The basic principle of the Federation is to maximize the solidarity that exists among the Member Associations and their professional members.